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A vision is a powerful way to think about and plan your future. The first step to success is having a vision, goal and plan of action. Whether you’re new to Entrepreneurship or you already have a business, it’s important to plan your vision and update as you progress. I have created a vision template for you.

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Below I have listed all of the resources I have mentioned within the training video. I feel it’s important to share this with you as I see time and time again people giving away free content and then leaving their readers hanging and thinking, “Okaaaay, so what on Earth do I do next then?”

I don’t want to be that person. Everything I have listed below are resources I have personally experienced and have researched extensively before using, hence feeling confident when sharing these credible marketing platforms with you to ensure your success.

All of the resources I have shared with you can be used for you to improve your business, used as an affiliate business model to fast track to freedom or both.

If you’d like to discuss which option would be best for you and book a free strategy session then please fill out the form here and I’ll get back to you.


Exitus Elite.

Exitus Elite is the ultimate Online Educational program. This Online Marketing expert program has many benefits, not only will this product allow you to learn everything there is to know about Online and Social Media Marketing, but Exitus has also teamed up with Black Ops Underground Marketing to ensure your success through it’s affiliate program. The question I most get from people is, ‘how to I market my product?’ This educational system is the complete A-Z on how to do so and by following a unique marketing strategy that’s taught by Millionaire Mentors, this product and group mentorship will allow you to have four figure days online. Their exceptional pay plan means that you’ll receive 100% same day commissions. Whether you’d like to use this product purely for the library benefits, which can be implemented in to any business, or you’d like to make this your primary source of income, Exits Elite is a complete business package. Below is the link to a video, the Elite library and pay plan which can be found via the drop down menu. If this is something that is of interest to you then please contact me here to arrange a call and we can get you set up and ready to making 4 figure days online.

Exitus Online Marketing Expert Program.


Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery.

Millionaire Mafia is an online program where you can learn how to master the Instagram algorithms to increase Organic followers and interactions. Upon my research, I couldn’t find any other Instagram training that compared. Not only is this online program priceless for the value you get within the training, but they also an incredible affiliate program in place which includes group support, 40% commissions and an abundance of resources for you to leverage from. Instagram allows you 80% more engagement on your posts compared to other Social Media platforms, this results in more people seeing your updates which creates more leads and sales for your business. You can find more information via the link.

Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery.


Facebook Advertising- Social Traffic Blueprint.

There are many ways to market for free using Social Media platforms but if you’d like to expand your reach and maximise your earning potential then I’d highly recommend learning how to run successful Facebook ads. Before I found this training program I wasted hundreds of pounds on ads and got no return. From setting up a Facebook page and business manager account, to split testing and Pixel tracking to re-target traffic, this training is the complete A-Z video series which is also supported by a Facebook group and weekly training Webinars. You can watch the free Webinar I mentioned in my video via the link below to understand how ads work.

Free Webinar Facebook Ads Training.


AWeber is a successful email marketing platform. Email is essential for any business! As mentioned in my video, you can completely systemise a follow up series that will automatically send out the value based emails you create in your follow up series. This will not only allow you to get your products in from of people, but you can also build your brand and credibility. You can link email follow ups to your ClickFunnel pages and embed sign up forms on your website to add value. You’ll have a list of contacts that will be there forever as long as you treat them well!

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Clickfunnels is a funnel building software that allows you to lead capture, up sell and provide huge amounts of value using the ready made templates. It’s easy to use, easy to link URL’s to and I would highly recommend Clickfunnels to any business owner. Ease, business leverage and systemisation aside, Clickfunnels has one of the most incredible affiliate programs I’ve come across in place. When joining you can sign up to a free bootcamp that will show you everything you need to be making passive 40% commissions by leveraging the ready made systems they have in place. There’s even the opportunity to get your dream car paid for via this pay plan. Below is a link where you can sign up to a 14 day free trial so that you can test it out and see how you like it!

Get A 14 Day Free Trial Here.

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