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Business and life balance- the truth no one else will share with you.

November 17, 2017 Comments Off on Business and life balance- the truth no one else will share with you.

Burnt out, bored and in need of some serious soul searching to re-ground myself.

This was the result of working too militantly in the UK, losing sight of all my personal values in regards to forming life balance and the importance of following your passions due to a tired, confused mind.

The symptoms of an illness I suffer with called Fibromyalgia intensified so much with the stress that I honestly felt like giving up on life far too many times than I like to admit.

I decided enough was enough, my goals were no longer clear and I’d lost sight of myself along the way. This was not the person I was meant to be.

So, I booked a one way ticket to Thailand.

I had very little money in the bank but I knew the cost of not following my intuition was far greater than the cost of taking a risk.

And it’s safe to say, that it was the best decision I could have ever made.

Energy regained, clarity formed.

I’ve cried lots, I’ve smiled even more.

I let myself feel how I was feeling because I knew that with every emotion I would experience a huge, impactful lesson that would guide me to the next steps along my path.

I let go of something I was working on solidly for 8 months because I realised when I got here was sucking out my soul, and more importantly, I forgave myself for doing so.

At times of uncertainty I’d head to the beach just to feel the sand on my soles and the soft waves against my toes.

Now, I’ve gone back to my roots, my passion, my creativity that sets my soul on fire and lights me up every time I think about it and the people I can serve.

Here are some of my most impactful lesson…

1. Stop over complicating every thing.
2. Protect your energy.
3. Always follow your passion.
4. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s because it probably isn’t.
5. Always express self love- meditation, sleeping when you need to, eating nutritious food, speaking kind words to yourself.
6. Minimalism and simplicity is what will set you free.

Most people think you need to be wildly successful and have loads of cash in the bank before you make the Nomadic move.

The reality is, you don’t.

I spend around £18 per day to live here.

That includes a big air-con bungalow with my own kitchen, a motor bike to explore the island and food daily.

I could probably do it for half of that with cheaper long term accommodation and no bike, but I also believe in a comfortable space to rest and the importance of exploring with the use of a bike.

I cancelled subscriptions I wasn’t using and I’m just about to start teaching English to children online for 3 hours per day for an income around working on my business.

I’m not afraid to admit I’ve had to work jobs around building a business because I know it takes time, patience, investment and if anything, I should have worked more to relieve some of the financial stress.

The false perception that entrepreneurs on Social Media are smashing life in their first few months and every one is now a guru, is the exact thing that makes us begin to feel incapable of success and put added pressure on ourselves to leave a 9-5.

So my message to you is, you don’t need to be where you think you need to be in your life just to travel the world.

If anything, being away will help you see clearly, be more inspired and aligned to make the correct decisions.

Being a Nomad doesn’t necessarily mean being digital, you could get a job along the way. This can often be more rewarding as you can build human relationships, connection and valuable memories.

You do not need to be rich to live a beautiful life.

Own life, not things.

Be kind to yourself, be patient, be true to you.

Fail, learn, grow.

Embrace the failures as lessons and let go of any fear, regret, resentment or judgment towards others and towards yourself.

The only thing this is damaging is you and your ability to be present, grateful and happy.

Happiness and anger cannot be present at the same time.

Choose happiness, choose health.

Focus on what really matters.

I see you, I believe in you.

Kayleigh x


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