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How to blow up your business & stay in control

November 16, 2017 Comments Off on How to blow up your business & stay in control

The days, weeks and months pass by. You’ve been working consistently to make things work but still, your business dreams have still not made any movement and you’ve not made a penny in your business.

You begin to question your self worth, was this the right decision to make?

Surely it’s supposed to be easier than this, right?

The courses you were sold at the event you attended that promised you a freedompreneur lifestyle came to nothing but more debt and increased overwhelm.

Your mind is opened to the new possibilities and you see more sponsored Facebook ads keep popping up on your news feed.

You opt in for free giveaways, ebooks, Webinar trainings and your email inbox is now filled with endless content from different masters in their niche and opinions of the “right way” to go about business.

You ask yourself- ‘I know I want it but how do I get there? Why is it that everyone else around me makes it look so easy!’


Of course it is, any one either starting out in business or already in business will be going through this or has experienced it to get to where they currently are now.

Why? Because it’s not easy!

When you first start out you don’t have a frickin’ clue where to start and when you do finally have an accumulation of knowledge to get going, you face overwhelm, procrastination, confusion about where to focus your energy and fear of judgment from others when it comes to dominating your online presence.

It takes hard work, consistency and the ability to lose your ego and have an open mind.

That being said, I see too many people struggling to make any movement with their businesses and the dream life they’d envisioned is still that, just a dream.

I used to be the same, until I learnt the key principles to blow up my business and stay in control.

I’d like to take you through 5 of the biggest lessons I faced and show you how to get focused to make movement in your business.

F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Successful.

The tipping point for me in my business was when I stripped back all of the overwhelm and got focused. If you currently know specifically your niche, passions and personal business goals then that’s great! But for so many with a vision to start out in business but not yet being clear about which direction to take, this can be a recipe for failure.

Although for me personally the information overload and endless learning I had dedicated myself to did serve a huge purpose, it was also the biggest thing that held me back. This resulted in not only making no money but also, I hit complete exhaustion taking on too much, which then effected my mood and energy levels to continue.

As I mentioned above, the countless emails, events and courses, all from different people with different opinions, views and strategies, completely blew my mind. All this does is put you in to a constant state of confusion.

You’ll find yourself dipping in and out of different strategies, focusing your time in all the wrong areas because you have no system in place, because, well, you’re just so confused with where to start! My advice would be to strip back everything, sit down and make a list of the main things you want to focus on and WHY.

What are you passions, what are your goals?

Right now you may be so bogged down with so many strategies that it’s taken you completely off course from your true desires and you’re doing a tiny bit of 10 things with no results instead of focusing on one main priority and making progress.

Make a list of the main thing you’d like to dedicate yourself to and then F.O.C.U.S until you start to see the results.

Once you begin to see results you can then expand to other areas, expertise and business strategies to build out your income pillars.

Income generating tasks.

For a long time I would do tasks that would take up my time but were in fact not increasing my bank balance.

I’d create more free content, edit branded images and post inspirational posts on Facebook. I’d sit behind my laptop tweaking, trying to perfect the first ever online course I’d built and ultimately feeling like a failure when nothing would happen except for more bills go out of my bank account.

This was mainly because I didn’t have any guidance and as I mentioned above, when you start out this is completely new territory to you and so have no idea where you should be focusing your time and energy in a strategical way.

Over time I realised that along with F.O.C.U.S, my main priority should be focusing on income generating tasks.

The crazy this is, I actually thought at the time that this was what I was doing!

But still, no movement was happening.

I’ve learnt, failed, won and gained a shed load of knowledge which enables me to share this with you right now.

Without cash flow you have no business.

Depending on your niche, product or service, the biggest thing you need to focus on right now is finding clients, customers and people that either want to work with you or buy your products and services.

You can do this by attending networking events, online and offline marketing, building your social media presence, blogging and generally telling every one what it is you do.


Lose your ego.

One of the biggest things that held me back was my fear of judgment.

Fear that I was being criticised from others either in the industry or on my Facebook page from people that didn’t understand what I was doing.

The first course I ever created took me 9 months of it building as I was learning everything from scratch and on my own. When it came to marketing it I was too scared because I worried about what others thought which made me question my self worth.

Crazy, I know.

But the fact is, we all fear judgement and failure, by putting ourselves out there we are open to criticism if we do fail and no one likes to feel like they’ve failed.

If you’re highly active on Social Media and connect with a lot of people for business it can also be easy to compare ourselves to others.

This needs to stop.

If you want to really change your life then it’s time to lose your ego.

Feel the fear and do it any way.

I saw a quote recently which I LOVED, it read- “At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it, later they’ll ask you how you did it.”

Lose your ego and follow your heart. If you want to change your life then you’re going to need to do what ever it takes.

At first, like with anything new, this will feel uncomfortable, but like with any thing we repeatedly practice it will soon become easy and you’ll finally start to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Simplicity is your friend.

The Entrepreneurial pressures can be tough.

It welcomes new emotion and challenges in to our lives that can at times be hard to cope with.

This is one of the main reason people quit when the doing gets tough.

I used to sit at my desk daily with around 10 website browsers open, clicking from page to page trying to learn and implement various strategies to make my business work- Email marketing, Opt in forms, Clickfunnels, Website building, finding an email provider creating a product, building a brand, being visible on Social Media.

By the end of my day my brain felt so exhausted I couldn’t even think straight, I’d lay on my bed, brain fried and burnt out with the sheer information overload.

Still, I told myself, ‘I have to learn all of these things to start making money in my business’ and I’d repeat the same routine the following day.

I took a lot of struggle and exhaustion to come to this realisation, especially as an ambitious Entrepreneur wanting to be the best at everything I put my energy in to, but I finally learnt the true power in successful business implementation, which is…

Keep it simple!!

Having a simple strategy to follow and simple key steps and goals on a daily basis to help you get there will transform your productivity, mind clarity and confidence as you begin to succeed.

Too many strategies, systems, goals, lists and Facebook groups filled with gurus are a recipe for complete overwhelm.

Overwhelm means exhaustion, confusion, taking on too much and then seeing no financial reward for your hard work which increases money stress and a decreased sense of self worth.

If this sounds like you then please, stop.

Make a new list of your simplified goals. We tend to make things way to complicated, so get back to basics.

If you could work on 5 keys tasks to get you results, what would they be?

Be consistent.

Consistency is key!

Look, I’m going to be blunt here, shit won’t just fall on your lap!

It takes hard work and consistency.

This is why people fail, give up and don’t even try in the first place.

If you’re wondering why every one else has the results that you’re currently dreaming of, it’s because they consistently showed up and put in the work.

If you’re wanting to build a brand online you need to be consistent with posting, sharing and creating.

If you want to become a better person in life and be a leader in your niche, you need to consistently work on your personal development to become that person.

The problem is that people try here and there, get put off with the lack of results, give up and then make up all the BS excuses as to why it didn’t work.

Remind yourself that this is a journey!

Be patient, be consistent and dedicate yourself to changing your life.

Dedication will soon become a part of your daily routine and it will make you feel so good from growing and succeeding as a person that you’ll never want to go back to the ways in which didn’t serve you.