Kayleigh Beadle

Hey! I’m Kayleigh, a 29 year old Coach, Lifestyle Blogger and all round Life Lover!

I have a passion for taking pieces of my soul and spinning them in to words to enlighten peoples lives in a positive way.

I grew up in the Oxfordshire countryside in England, a place where my siblings and I could roam free in nature growing up, build dens in the forests and play games out until dark.

I have child hood memories filled with family camping trips and exciting adventures on my grandparents canal boat during all seasons.

It’s from growing up around nature, plus having a supportive, loving family around me where my parents and grandparents taught me, what I feel, to be beautiful values in life that have made me the person I am today.

I am forever grateful to them.

As I grew up, like any one, life threw many challenges my way.

At the age of 20, I developed anxiety which took over my life for the next 2 years. I was then diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia just 6 months ago, after living with pain and exhaustion for more years than I can remember.

It was from the effects of these illnesses that I would continually seek out recovery solutions. I wanted to be well, happy and in control of my life and so this heightened my sense of self awareness as I became more curious about health, mindset and personal progression to seek out the solutions to any imbalances that would present themselves.

When I left secondary school I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I applied to college and studied Childcare and Education. I then went on to care for some amazing children over the years that taught me so much about love, patience and the importance of human interaction and fun.

I also had a passion for property and design. I love how an Interior space can make us feel and the incredible emotion we experience from colour, texture, shape and form and so left my Childcare position to study at art college and then on University to study an Interior Design degree.

Around this, I travelled the world, volunteered in a children’s orphanage in Nepal and then began my Entrepreneurial journey.

My Entrepreneurial vision first started when I took off on a solo trip to travel South East Asia.

Setting out with nothing but the bag on my back and the curiosity of the world, this adventure soon became one of the most impactful times of my life and defined me as a person.

I became strongly aware that I wanted to help others in the world that need support. It opened my mind to the importance of gratitude and understanding and it embedded the vision that life is supposed to be fully lived.

I took action, left my 9-5 and attended Personal Development events, built an Online Course, studied Online Marketing, became a Life Coach and an International Public Speaker all within 18 months.

My life experiences had expanded my awareness and I knew I wanted to build a life around my own desires and expectation, not work on someone else’s dream.

I wanted to be free, happy and in control of how I spent my time and so became dedicated to working on my personal development, questioning the world around me, taking risks and setting new goals to work on living a truly exceptional life.

From family values, life experiences, health issues, travel, personal development and the various jobs I had along the way, I found many passions in life and I am blessed to say, they light up my life every day.

From Photography, to design, coaching, contribution, travel, my love for compassion and kindness, Entrepreneurship and of course my ever growing love for the natural world that aligns me in life.

I feel at one.

I’m a huge believer in living in alignment with your truth and doing the things that set your soul on fire to live a happy, healthy existence.

As you’ll soon see from following me, I’m incredibly energetic about life, love all things natural and pure and continually strive to live a life with no limitations.

I’ve also learnt the importance of protecting my energy along the way and respecting myself enough to know what my body needs.

Aside from all of this, I genuinely love a simple life, bubble baths, spending time with my family, delicious food, dancing, Disney films and cozy blankets!

My perfect Sunday would be relaxing next to an open fire and eating a traditional English roast dinner with the people I love.

I hope that you being here with me will enlighten your life in some way and I’m excited to cross paths with you along this life journey.

But for now, be happy, have courage, be kind.

Kayleigh x